Five centers
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Five specialized centers

At Kempenhaeghe, we welcome patients in one of five specialized centers for diagnostics, treatment, support care and/or a fitting residential environment. People are always at the focus; we look at possibilities rather than limitations. Our professionals always have maximal attention for patients, students, clients and their environment, because we know that a disorder can have a large impact on the life of the patient and his environment. They deploy their know-how to search as long and as far as needed to arrive at the best possible solution for everyone.

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Care for today and tomorrow

To further improve our care for today and for tomorrow, we are continuously working to develop, innovate and broaden our know-how. We do so through scientific research that is trail breaking in our expertise fields epileptology, sleep medicine, neurological learning and development disorders and special education. We like to share our know-how with other care providers in hospitals, institutions and authorities. In addition, we also exchange know-how in partnerships with academic centers and corporations.