Academic Center for Epileptology, Sleep Medicine and Neurological Learning & development disabilitie


The Academic Center for Epileptology Kempenhaeghe & Maastricht UMC+ offers top-quality clinical care to adults and children who have been diagnosed with or are thought to be suffering from a complex form of epilepsy. We offer multidisciplinary care to epilepsy patients. High-quality research facilities are available and we have a great deal of expertise regarding epilepsy treatment methods such as anti-epileptics, epilepsy surgery, vagus-nerve stimulation and ketogenic diets. The Academic Center for Epileptology also supports people with epilepsy to live, work and learn independently, and we help parents to raise children who suffer from epilepsy. >>More information about epilepsy. 

Sleep Medicine

The Center for Sleep Medicine is the largest multidisciplinary sleep center in the Netherlands. The expertise on offer covers the entire spectrum of sleep medicine: neurological sleep disorders, including excessive drowsiness during the day (hypersomnia, narcolepsy/cataplexy) and movement or unusual behaviour during sleep (parasomnia, including restless-legs syndrome), sleep-dependent disorders (sleep apnoea), insomnia (long-term lack of sleep) and sleep disorders in children or people with a mental disability. >>More information about sleep medicine.

Neurological Learning and development disabilities

The Center for Neurological Learning and development disabilities helps children with neurological conditions with the associated learning and development problems. This multidisciplinary team possesses unique knowledge about 'the brain, learning and development'. The expertise of the paediatric neurologist and the clinical neuropsychologist is central.