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Always welcome and necessary

Volunteers are invaluable at the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care. Volunteers are always welcome and needed to keep on organizing leisure activities and certain types of daytime activities. Think, for instance, of supervising swimming, fitness or club activities such as soccer, billiards and the walking club, supervising residents in the riding stable, taking care of the horses or offering help in the covered wagon. But you may also help to inspire and help residents in our own workshop.

In the Kloostervelden district in Sterksel are a bicycle workshop, a little shop and a borrow shop, manned with volunteers. Volunteers are also host or buddy for individual residents who do not have a family of their own of whose family lives far away. Anyone who enjoys being active and outdoors, can start in our controlled multisensory forest or on the farms.

Incidentally volunteers are active in the hospital. For instance, when offering assistance with tele-consults. And maybe you have other ideas about how to be a volunteer.

Read and speak


What do we expect from our volunteers? First, they must be able to listen to residents and patients and take them seriously. In addition, we ask for commitment, motivation and enthusiasm. This is important, as volunteering is not without obligations. That is why we always put in writing what we agree upon.

Volunteer work results in nice, social contacts and – more important - happiness for residents and patients. It helps you to develop as a person and gives you work experience. Sometimes this may even help you find a paid job. In short: it will give you much satisfaction.

Do you have questions regarding volunteering in Kempenhaeghe? Please contact the coordinator Volunteer work, T (040) 227 91 51.