How does a visit to the outpatient clinic proceed?
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A consult in the outpatient clinic

Following receipt of the referral letter, Kempenhaeghe will send you a questionnaire. Possibly, you will also receive a so-called sleep/wake calendar with an instruction. The questionnaire is a means to determine which type of somnologist can best help you. The somnologist uses the sleep/wake calendar to get an idea of your sleeping habits, sleep needs and sleep complaints. Please bear in mind that waiting times for your first appointment may be long.

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During the consult

For your first visit to the outpatient clinic you are asked to bring several items. These are: proof of health insurance, an ID and an actual overview of your medication. It could be handy to make a list of things you want to discuss before your first consult. And feel free to bring along someone you trust, as two people hear more than one. Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation if there is something you do not understand, or ask for printed information, so that you can read it over again once you are at home.

In the outpatient clinic, report to the reception desk. We will take plenty of time for the first appointment so you can elaborately tell us about your complaints and experiences. In subsequent consults we also take the time to speak with you.

Possible one or more examinations are necessary to determine your problems and what causes them. Of course, we will discuss with you which diagnostic examination methods are best suited for you and what they entail.

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Following the visit

Following the first visit, possible examinations are scheduled. The examinations will take place in the examinations departments at another time. It takes several weeks to analyze the results. You will receive an invitation to discuss these results.

Following the diagnosis, the specialist will propose a treatment. We will let you know if this treatment will be started in Kempenhaeghe or if the specialist will give an advice for treatment to the referring doctor. In the latter case, the referral doctor will start your treatment.

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Back referral

In many cases the referring practitioner will start your treatment. If treatment and support take place in Kempenhaeghe, you will be referred back when your situation is stable. In this case, your regular doctor and/or practitioner will take over the care. Kempenhaeghe will carefully support any back referral.