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Care and service agreement

The Care and service agreement includes the rights and obligations of the resident and those of Kempenhaeghe. Here, you will find which care and services of Kempenhaeghe we will provide, the costs and payment method. The agreement is valid for the duration of the stay at Kempenhaeghe and is made only once.

The care and service agreement is signed by the (legal representation of the) resident and by Kempenhaeghe as care provider. The agreement lists the overarching arrangements from which other arrangements derive.

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Care plan

The individual care plan describes the details of the individual care for a resident. The doctor in charge is responsible for the content of the care plan, but the wishes and needs of the resident are always leading. The care plan evolves with the resident.

The professionals involved with your child or family member discuss the care plan twice a year. Of course, your child, family member or you can have input in this. In the plan, the care questions of the residents are translated into concrete goals. In particular, we look at the possibilities and chances and aim to give the resident as much control as possible. We do our utmost to let him or her indicate what he or she wants. The plan also lists the care providers that are involved.