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Education and care join forces in research

Educational expertise center De Berkenschutse has specialized experience in the field of ‘school and learning’ in children with epilepsy. De Berkenschutse focuses – also together with external partners – on the evidence-based development of know-how and sharing this know-how.

Since a number of years, the population of the school for special (advanced) education consists for a considerable part of children and youths with autism. This is reason to hook on to the scientific activities at Kempenhaeghe.

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Expertise autism: Insight in cognitive profile

De Berkenschutse is interested in finding out whether there is a neuro-psychological profile for teenagers with high-level autism.

To be able to offer high-quality education, know-how of the cognitive abilities of children with autism and a normal intelligence is important. Of all age groups, teenagers are the least researched group of students.

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