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Daytime sleep examination

Daytime sleep examination is required for some patients. When you are troubled by nighttime restlessness, you will be asked to stay awake one night, after which you will sleep in our clinic in the morning. The same type of examination is used to test excessive sleepiness during the day. Goal of these so-called MSLT test or 'nap test' is to discover if there is an increased tendency to fall asleep during the day.

This type of examination may take place after a sleep registration has been done to judge the length and quality of the nighttime sleep. Nighttime sleep registration gives an insight in the amount of sleep and sleep composition, and it may preclude or indicate possible sleep disorders.

As part of this examination you will go to bed five times during the day with your eyes closed. We register if and how fast you fall asleep. The idea is that you allow yourself to fall asleep if you have the tendency to do so. We will wake you up after every test. Following each reading, you will return to the department’s living room.

Preceding this examination, you will receive detailed information concerning the course of the examination and the practical matters you must reckon with.