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Children with refractory epilepsy

If your child has epilepsy and it is not possible to control the seizures, referral to a specialized epilepsy center such as Kempenhaeghe can possibly help your child. Under the direction of a (pediatric) neurologist more professionals are called in, if necessary, to further investigate your child’s epilepsy. They will examine your child from their own field of expertise.

To further clarify the diagnosis, Kempenhaeghe has at its disposal expertise, time and extra facilities. An extensive discussion with the (pediatric) neurologist, a certain type of EEG, neuro-psychological examinations and nursing observations are usually part of the examination program. Sometimes a (short) hospitalization is required. As a parent or attendant, you may accompany your child during hospitalization. You are also allowed to attend most examinations.

The (pediatric) neurologist informs you of the findings and treatment advice. Possibly the doctor will advise a different anti-epileptic drug or a combination of drugs. The (pediatric) neurologist may also advise looking into the possibilities of epilepsy surgery, nervus vagus stimulation or a ketogenic diet. Such a trajectory may take up a longer period. If we succeed in starting an appropriate treatment, the (pediatric) neurologist will refer your child back to the referring doctor. He is informed of the diagnosis and treatment. Future contact with Kempenhaeghe, if necessary, is obviously always possible

If applicable, the team can also advise and support your child at school. Special support for child and teacher is offered via ambulant representatives of the national organization education and epilepsy (Landelijk Werkverband Onderwijs en Epilepsie LWOE), associated with De Berkenschutse, school for (secondary) special education for all levels of education.