What happens during hospitalization?
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Before hospitalization

The notice you receive will list when, what time and where you (or your child or family member) is expected. Good preparation is half the work, so please report to your insurer that hospitalization is scheduled. We also advise that you inform your employer or benefits agency. Your medical information will be sent to Kempenhaeghe by the referring doctor.

When you come to Kempenhaeghe, bring along the invitation letter, a valid proof of identity and your insurance card. You also must bring medication for two days (in the original packaging) and a re cent medication overview (to be obtained from your pharmacist). If applicable, please also bring along a written treatment restriction or signed and dated reanimation statement.

In Kempenhaeghe, you don’t have to stay in bed during the day. That is why we ask you to bring regular clothing and night-wear, both with front-closing. This is necessary because we attach electrodes as part of the examination. You will need toiletries and, if you like, you can also bring your own duvet, cover and pillowcase. Don’t forget special aids (helmet, wheelchair, walker, cane), a (puzzle) book, magazines, drawing material or toys, stuffed toys MP3 player, iPad, laptop or textbooks.

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During hospitalization

Hospitalization in Kempenhaeghe considerably differs from hospitalization in a regular hospital. As a patient, you will stay in a living environment living your ‘regular life’ as much as possible. Every patient has his or her own nurse who is responsible for the nursing care. This nurse is your point of contact and part of the medical team.

Children who are admitted for a longer period will attend school. Adults may take part in creative day center activities. In cooperation with their attendant, they determine how they spend their days. For people with a multiple complex disability there are special provisions and possible day activities. Meals are served in the ward or in our admission center restaurant. Wireless internet via WiFi is available.

Leisure time can be spent in your own room – usually with your own bathroom facilities – or in the ward’s living room. If your situation permits, you may also visit other facilities, e.g. lunch restaurant ’t Scureken, stables, petting zoo or playground. Patients are allowed to go home on weekends and during vacations, if medical examinations and treatments permit.

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Following hospitalization

Please inform your employer or the body paying your benefits when you go home after hospitalization. You may have to go to Kempenhaeghe frequently for check-ups, additional examinations, or finetuning of your treatment.

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If the examinations, treatment and/or counselling are completed, your regular doctor and/or counsellor will take over the care. Together with you, we will support this back-referral most carefully.