What happens during a visit to the outpatient clinic?
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An appointment in the outpatient clinic

For your first visit to the outpatient clinic you must bring along a number of items. These are: your proof of insurance, valid proof of identity, a current medication overview and if possible, the result of recent blood tests. We advise that prior to your appointment, you make a list of things you want to discuss with the doctor or nurse specialist. And do bring along someone you trust, because two people hear more than one. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional information if there is something you do not understand. Or ask for written information, allowing you to read it all afterwards.

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During your visit

In the outpatient clinic you first go to the front desk. We schedule ample time for your first consult with the neurologist (or the nurse specialist), to allow you to extensively talk about your complaints and experiences. During subsequent appointments we also take the time for you.

You might hear that one or more examinations are needed to accurately determine your problem and its cause. Of course, we will discuss with you which diagnostic examinations are best suited for you and all that happens during these examinations.

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Following your visit

Following the first visit the required examinations are scheduled. The examinations will take place in our examination departments at another time. Analyses of the examination results will take a few weeks. You will receive and invitation to discuss these results.

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Back referral

When the examinations, treatment and/or counseling are completed, your regular doctor and/or care provider will take over your care. We carefully oversee this back referral in close cooperation with you.