Know-how of epilepsy and learning
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Special education

Part of the children with epilepsy receive special education at De Berkenschutse in Heeze. We offer every school level for children and youths up to 18-10 years of age. A separate department, the employment, investigation and training center (Arbeids- Onderzoeks- en Trainingcentrum AOT), supports youths in the transition from secondary school to further study or work.

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Support via the LWOE

The national network education and epilepsy (Landelijk Werkverband Onderwijs en Epilepsie LWOE) was set up to support students with epilepsy in the Netherlands in their regular school. De Berkenschutse supplies a number of educational counsellors who, based on the help request and together with parents and the school, investigate the support needs of both student and school. For more information, see (Dutch only).

Within this network, De Berkenschutse operates together with De Waterlelie, the school in Cruquius associated with epilepsy center SEIN.

The educational counsellors of the LWOE have the know-how, experience and the medical network to offer solid support to students with epilepsy and their teachers in regular schools.