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Diagnosis-treatment combinations

Hospitals in the Netherlands must conform to the national dbc-system (diagnosis-treatment combination). In this system, diagnosis and treatment for various requests for care are established. Each step in the process has its own code: from the first consult with a medical specialist, every examination, follow-up consults and hospitalization up to and including the last check-up.

The rate is an average of the combination of costs made by the hospital. Every health care provider has a set rate for every dbc, whether you or your child has one or more appointments. If you want to know more about the definition of dbc’s, check (in Dutch only).

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Contracted health care providers

Kempenhaeghe has entered into agreements defining dbc’s with most health care providers. The following health care providers have been contracted:

Overview 2021

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Your health care invoice

You can consult the digital health care invoice or the declaration overview from your health care provider via the website of your provider. You will discover exactly what each treatment costs. Kempenhaeghe will invoice one or more dbc’s, depending on the duration of your treatment. The maximum duration of a dbc is 120 days. Your overall treatment, from the first consult up to and including the last check-up, may consist of multiple dbc’s. If you are not discharged when your dbc is closed after 120 days, a new dbc will be opened.

The prices of Kempenhaeghe’s services are hard to compare with those of general hospitals. Kempenhaeghe mostly has patients with complex problems. This requires extra and usually more expensive activities and the deployment of more and different professionals. That is why, if you no longer need our involvement, we will refer you back to your referring doctor.

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Not insured

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally required to have health insurance. If you or your child are not insured, the we advise you to take out a basic health insurance. If you fail to do so, the costs of the treatment will be charged to you. In this case our so-called transient rates are applicable. Preceding the treatment, you must pay an advance of the costs to be expected.

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Transient rates

Transient rates are applicable to health care providers with whom Kempenhaeghe has not entered into an agreement and to patients who are not insured or insured in a country other than the Netherlands.

Transient rates 2020

Transient rates 2021

Rates for the services of the Center for Sleep Medicine are hard to compare to the rates of general hospitals. The Center for Sleep Medicine mostly has patients with very complex problems. This requires extra and usually more expensive activities and the deployment of more and different professionals.