How does hospitalization proceed?
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Before hospitalization

The invitation for hospitalization you will receive states when, what time and where you (or your child or family member) are expected. What can you do in preparation? Timely contact your insurance company that hospitalization is scheduled. Inform your employer or benefit agency of your hospitalization in the Center for Sleep Medicine. Kempenhaeghe will receive your medical records via the referring doctor.

When you come to Kempenhaeghe, please bring your invitation, a valid ID and proof of insurance. You must also bring along medication for two days (in the original packaging) and an actual overview of the medication you use (to be obtained from your pharmacy). If applicable, bring a signed and dated treatment restriction or do not resuscitate order with you.

Bring comfortable (night) clothing that closes in the front, such as a blouse or a cardigan. This makes it easier to attach the sensors. Don’t forget your toiletries and possible special aids (walker, wheelchair, cane etc.) You may also bring a (puzzle)book, magazine, drawing materials, toys, stuffed animals, MP3-player, iPad or laptop. Kempenhaeghe offers wireless internet via WiFi.

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During hospitalization

A hostess/orderly or lab tech of the clinical neurophysiology department will welcome you and show you the way. You will have your own bedroom with bathroom. If you need nursing or medical support, please discuss this before hospitalization with your treating doctor.

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Following hospitalization

Please inform your employer or benefit agency when you go home after hospitalization. Following the diagnosis, the specialist will propose a treatment. In principle, the referring doctor takes on the treatment. In exceptional cases Kempenhaeghe will start up treatment and support.