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Epilepsy Study House

Kempenhaeghe and SEIN often work together in the transfer of knowledge and in research. The Epilepsy Study House is one of the joint activities of Kempenhaeghe and SEIN. The Epilepsy Study House primarily focuses on sharing know-how with external professionals in the long-term care (Wlz) in order to improve the quality of care and life of (their) clients with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Study House offers a fixed program and tailormade programs in the (refresher) training in the field of epilepsy care and support. Target groups are professionals at senior secondary vocational and higher professional training levels who work in with intellectually disabled people.

Knipsel leerhuis epilepsie
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Do you have a need for training on epilepsy?

Improving the care for people with epilepsy in the Netherlands is our main goal. Is your organization or team looking for more know-how on epilepsy? The Epilepsy Study House offers training at senior secondary vocational and higher professional training levels.

We aim to support professionals in their legal capacity in the care for people with epilepsy. The Study center Epilepsy is a result of the cooperation between Kempenhaeghe and Seim, the expertise centers in the Netherlands for epilepsy.

Both expertise centers have a great deal of know-how from scientific research and the daily practice. The Epilepsy Study House shares this know-how and the latest insights on epilepsy with care institutions in the intellectually disabled sector.

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High-quality training program

The Epilepsy Study House has various learning formats, ranging from classroom teaching to e-learning and combinations of the two. We offer tailormade solutions to the specific questions your institution might have. In addition, we offer a fixed program of training and courses.

All our teaching materials are carefully developed in cooperation with our professionals in residential epilepsy care and tested by our own neurologists and other medical specialists. Our training focuses on the daily care practice; our qualified trainers have considerable experience in caring for clients with complex epilepsy.

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Does your organization have a question on epilepsy training and would you like to utilize the expertise of Kempenhaeghe and SEIN? Please contact us so we can discuss how to meet your needs.

You can call us at the Epilepsy Study House via or +31 40 22 79 617.