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What does the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities offer?

Children with a neurological disorder can develop learning and developmental problems. The Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities aims to examine this relatively unknown aspect.

Many children are referred when there are questions concerning learning, behavior and development and/or when there is a stagnation or even deterioration of the child’s development.

Early screening allows for a preventive response to later cognitive and/or behavioral problems. Goal is to have the child perform at its best, looking at the child’s potential

We offer care in our Kempenhaeghe locations in Heeze and Oosterhout. This care is included in all basic health insurance plans.

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A multidisciplinary look

The Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities offers very specialized expertise in the field of brains, learning and development.

Pediatric neurology, clinical neuropsychology and neurodidactics are brought together here. When necessary, we bring in other specializations. The know-how and experience of Educational Expertise Center De Berkenschutse, affiliated with Kempenhaeghe, is unique. Neuropsychological examinations are key in the diagnostic investigations.

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Referring which children?

Children with varying neurological disorders are seen at the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities:

  • Children with a muscular disease
  • Children with neurofibromatosis (NF-1)
  • Children with deviations in the nerve system (congenital or as a result of an illness of accident)
  • Children with a traumatic brain injury
  • Children who experienced an infection of the nerve system
  • Children with a neurological disorder who were born prematurely or experienced problems during birth
  • Children with a genetic disorder and a learning or developmental disorder or deficient language skills
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Consulting first?

Do you have questions or would you like to consult with one of our experts? Please contact us via +31 40 227 97 35 (Kempenhaeghe Heeze) and ask for the secretariat of the outpatient clinic neurological learning and developmental disorders.

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Our experts

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Partner of academic centers

As specialist in ‘learning and developing with a muscular disease’ and ‘learning and developing with NF-1’ the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities is part of academic partnerships.

Together with Leiden UMC, Radboud UMC and Duchenne Parent Project Nederland we are the Duchenne Centrum Nederland, developing and sharing expertise on muscular diseases. Certain neuro-psychiatric disorders, such as attention deficits, autism spectrum disorders or obsessive-compulsive disorders, occur more often in children with a muscular disease.

We also structurally work together with expertise center ENCORE-NF-1 of the Erasmus MC, recognized in the care standard for NF-1 as expertise center. The parties are also involved in the ‘NF-1 Expertise network’ that aims to give an insight in where people with NF-1 can go for specialized care.

Together with the Maastricht UMC+ we work on the daily care practice, amongst others through the double appointment of the pediatric neurologist who has the ultimate medical responsibility within the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities.