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Diagnosis-treatment combinations

Hospitals in the Netherlands must conform to the national dbc-policy (diagnosis-treatment combination). In it, the diagnostic approach and the treatment for certain care questions are registered. Each step in the process has its own transaction code: from the first consult with a medical specialist, all separate examinations and consults, possible hospitalization up to and including the final check.

The tariff is an average of the combination of the costs made by the hospital. Each insurer has a fixed rate for each dbc, regardless if you or your child has one or multiple appointments. If you want to know more about the definition of DBC’s, check (Dutch only).

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Contracted health insurance companies

Kempenhaeghe has entered into agreements with most health insurance companies to define the DBC’s. We have contracted the following health insurers.

Overview health insurers

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Your care invoice

You may check your care invoice or the medical claim forms of your health insurer via the digital ‘mijn omgeving’ (my environment) of your health insurer. You will see the exact costs of your treatment here. Kempenhaeghe invoices one or more DBC’s for your treatment, depending on the length of this treatment. The maximum term of a dbc is 120 days. Your child’s overall treatment, from the first consult up to and including the last check, may consist of several DBC’s. If treatment is not completed when the dbc is closed after 120 days, a new dbc will be opened.

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Not insured?

Everyone living or working in the Netherlands, is required by law to have health insurance. If you or your child is not insured, we recommend that you obtain a basic insurance. If you fail to do so, you will have to pay all costs of your treatment. In this case, the so-called ‘passers-by’ rates apply. Prior to the treatment you must pre-pay part of the expected costs.

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For health insurance companies not contracted by Kempenhaeghe and for patients who are not insured and have a foreign insurance, the so-called transient rates apply.

Transient rates 2023