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Seizure screening in adults

Some people have seizures but the cause remains unknown. When epilepsy is suspected, or doubted, further screening in an expertise center such as Kempenhaeghe can lead to a better insight in the cause and nature of the seizures.

From EEGs and sometimes through additional screening the neurologist can establish epilepsy. Possible further screening is required to be able to determine the best treatment and support. See: ‘When you or your family member have epilepsy’.

Sometimes symptoms point to epileptic seizures, but they are not. Appr. 20% of the patients that come to Kempenhaeghe suffer from so-called psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNEA). They can be treated Kempenhaeghe by a specialized team.

The examinations may show that the seizures are possibly associated with a sleep disorder. The doctor may suggest further screening in the Center for Sleep Medicine.

When the seizures most likely have another (physical) cause, the patient is referred back with the recommendation to consult another medical specialist.