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Seizure registration

For this examination you will during the day remain in a monitoring room (a type of living room) with several other patients. Here we will continuously register your brain activity using EEG. Video cameras in the room follow you and lab technicians or nurses continuously watch you on monitors. At night you will sleep in your own suite while video and EEG-registration continue. A parent may accompany a child for the duration of the examination.

The examination may have two purposes:

  • The examination aims to record one or more epileptic seizures as precisely as possible. The purpose of the examination is to register seizures to determine exactly what happens in the brain during the seizure and the outward symptoms that accompany the seizure. This is why during this examination seizures will be triggered. This is done by temporarily reducing medications, by keeping you awake during the night, through a light flash program, breathing exercises and/or physical exertion.
  • The examination is part of a trajectory to determine whether epilepsy surgery is an option. The examination aims to determine what part of the brain causes the epileptic seizures. That is why during the examination epileptic seizures will be triggered. This is done by temporarily reducing your medication, by keeping you awake at night, through a light-flash program, breathing exercises and/or physical effort.

Your neurologist will determine the length of the seizure registration during the examination. Preceding the examination you will receive – possibly in person by the nursing specialist – detailed information about the course of the examination and the practical things you must reckon with.