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MRI examinations

Using MRI, the doctor may see if a possible brain deviation could be the cause of your complaints.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Using magnetic fields, an MRI generates very sharp images of the brains. An MRI scan provides a series of cross-sections of the head and the brains, allowing the doctor to see possible deviations, such as a lesions, scar tissue, congenital abnormalities or a tumor.

An MRI examination is painless and does not require special preparations. Lying in the MRI in Kempenhaeghe you will get a plastic frame over your head. Lying still is important! You can communicate with the laboratory technician using a microphone.

During the examination you will hear a knocking sound. To mute the sound, you will receive earplugs or a headphone with music. When the sound stops, one series of images is completed. Making a series of images usually takes between thirty seconds and ten minutes. An examination usually consists of multiple series of images.

Patients who can’t lie still (for instance small children or the mentally handicapped) of patients who suffer from distress lying in the MRI tunnel, may be anaesthetized.

Preceding this examination, you will receive detailed information about the MRI examination that you will undergo. You will also be informed of the course of the examination and the practical things you must reckon with.