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Expertise in neurofibromatosis type 1: Skin and brain

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1) is a neurological disorder involving the nerve system – thus the brain – and the skin. NF-1 is a member of the group of neurocutane disorders. Children and youths with NF-1 may suffer from impairments in attention functions, visual-spatial awareness, executive functions (skills that include planning, problem-solving, concentration, adaptability and managing emotions), motor coordination, language and visual awareness. In 30-65% of them, these limitations result in learning problems.

The Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities has unique expertise on learning, development and behavior of children with a neurological disability and offers the special care program ‘Skin and brain’. Via careful (neuropsychological) testing of the child with NF-1’s cognitive functioning, his or her strong and weak points are mapped and traced until the end of puberty. On scheduled times during this period, advice is given concerning support at school and/or at home, so that the child can develop in the best possible way.

The Center cooperates with the expertise center ENCORE-NF-1 at the Erasmus MC, acknowledged by the Neurofibromatosis Association as the expertise center in the care standard for NF-1.