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Expertise in muscular diseases: Muscles and Brain

Muscular diseases such as Duchennes disease, Becker’s disease and Myotone dystrophy are neurological disorders. Thanks to improved medical care and technology, the quality of life and the life expectancy of children with a muscular disease is improved considerably. A future prospect that includes studying, working and living independently, might be possible. As a consequence of the brain’s involvement in certain muscular diseases, specific questions may arise regarding learning and behavior, such as calculation and/or reading disorders, attention deficiency and/or autism spectrum disorders.

In this specific field the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities offers special expertise in its care program ‘Muscles and Brain’, in order to investigate and strengthen the learning potential of a child. It is important to recognize learning and behavior problems at an early stage to be able to offer optimal treatment or support.

The Dutch Federation of University medical centers (NFU) has recognized the Center as the national expertise center in the field of learning and behavior in patients with muscular diseases. The Center is also part of the Duchenne Centrum Nederland, in which Leiden UMC, Radboud UMC and Duchenne Parent Project Nederland also cooperate.