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Epilepsy in adults

If you suffer from epilepsy and controlling the seizures is not possible, a referral to a specialized epilepsy hospital such as Kempenhaeghe may help you further. Under the direction of a neurologist multiple professionals are called in, if necessary, to further investigate the epilepsy and its consequences for how you function.

To further clarify the diagnosis, Kempenhaeghe has at its disposal expertise, time and extra facilities for extensive diagnostics. A (short) hospitalization may be required to do necessary the examinations.

The neurologist will inform you of his findings and the treatment advice. The doctor may possibly suggest another anti-epilepsy drug or a combination of medicines. The neurologist may also advise you to look into epilepsy surgery, neuromodulation or a ketogenic diet. Such a trajectory may take a longer period of time.

If we succeed in starting a suitable treatment, the neurologist will refer you back to the referring doctor. He will be informed of the diagnosis and treatment. Future contact with Kempenhaeghe is obviously always possible.