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Development activities in monastery Providentia or close to home

Residents with a low to very low level of development attend group development activities that fit their interest and level in the newly renovated monastery Providentia. A fixed structure and security are important to them. There is a broad range of activities: woodworking, glass decorating, music, computer games, crafts, cooking, etc.

Part of the home-made products are for sale in the gift-shop ‘Werk aan de Winkel’, in part run by residents, or via ‘Kooksterren’. Both are located in the vicinity of brasserie/luncheon restaurant De Broeders, in the monastery.

For residents with multiple complex disorders, activities are aimed at physical and/or sensory stimulation and communication such as snuggling. Residents enjoy the stimulation from soft sounds, scents or light effects while lying on a waterbed or in a rocking chair.