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Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

In the Netherlands, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a relatively new treatment against epilepsy. A neuro stimulator, a type of pacemaker, is inserted into the body and is subcutaneously connected to the brain using guide wires.

The stimulator is set up several weeks after the implantation. Finding the best set-up for the best result may take some time. In Deep Brain Stimulation no brain tissue is removed. When the treatment does not work or is not tolerated well, the system can be turned off or removed entirely.

Deep Brain Stimulation is usually applied in combination with AED’s. It may be used for adults when medication yield insufficient results and for whom epilepsy surgery is not an option. Children cannot be treated with Deep Brain Stimulation.

When your neurologist feels that Deep Brain Stimulation could be a treatment option for you, you will undergo an extensive trajectory consisting of multiple preliminary examinations during a longer period of time. The preliminary examinations and setting up the neuro stimulator will for the most part take place in Kempenhaeghe in Heeze. Inserting the system is done in the Maastricht UMC+. In the Netherlands, Deep Brain Stimulation for epilepsy is only done at the Academic Center for Epileptology Kempenhaeghe and Maastricht UMC+.