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My child sleeps poorly

Children may have the same sleep disorders as adults. But while the sleep disorders are in essence similar, they manifest themselves in a different way. In addition, there are sleep disorders that are specific to children.

Multiple factors may cause sleep disorders in children. There could be a physical cause, but this is often not the case. A child may not have learned to sleep alone, was recently ill or very sensitive to stress and stimuli. Sometimes parents cannot get their child to sleep and they unintentionally strengthen their child’s sleeping behavior.

Children who are referred to Kempenhaeghe, usually suffer from complex sleep problems. Sometimes extra facilities are required for the child, facilities we have at Kempenhaeghe. In most children more factors or disorders cause the sleep problem. That is why we involve various specialists: a pediatrician or pediatric neurologist, specialized in sleep disorders, a psychologist and, if so required, social work, pedagogic home-based counselling and ambulatory school counselling.