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Living in a residential children’s facility

Some 40 children and youths from 6-18 years live on the Kempenhaeghe grounds in Heeze. Their modern homes are equipped for epilepsy and the parenting and care questions. In a safe and friendly pedagogical climate there is attention for the individual development possibilities of each child.

Every home has its own team with specific know-how. For instance, know-how of children with serious multiple disabilities, including children with sensory disabilities, for whom non-verbal communication is important. Or children with a light intellectual disability and a disturbed social-emotional development. Or children with a moderate intellectual disability whose epilepsy requires more and another type of support during regular daytime activities (swinging, cooking, cycling).

Each child has its own room with plenty of space for his/her personal things. In and around the homes there is plenty of room to play. Most children live in groups from 4-6 children, but there is also room for children who find it hard to live with others. Some groups are closed groups.

Most children stay at Kempenhaeghe during the week and spend (part of) their weekends and vacations with their parents. In consultation with the parents we find the best individual solution, ranging from a short visit home to multiple nights per week.

To most children, protected living for adults is their perspective.