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I sleep poorly

Sleeping poorly, sleeplessness, also called insomnia, can have many causes. It can manifest itself in problems falling asleep, sleeping though, waking up too early or a combination of these problems.

Insomnia can stand on its own, but it can also be the result of physical or psychological problems or certain medication. Other (physical-based) sleep disorders can result in insomnia complaints.

In the Center for Sleep Medicine we first examine whether physical or other factors can explain your insomnia. If this is known, we also know what approach to take. If physical and other factors do not or no longer play a role, then the insomnia is an isolated problem. Worries, certain habits and negative emotions surrounding sleep may sustain sleeping poorly. Insomnia therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) could solve the problem. Sometimes there is not a simple reason for long term insomnia. A combination of factors, that reinforce one another, may play a role.

In the past years, the Center for Sleep Medicine has seen a very strong increase in the requests for help for isolated chronic insomnia. So much so that this has resulted in a temporary intake stop. To prevent this from happening again in the future, we focus our efforts on training of and close cooperation with general practitioners and nurse practitioners.