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I move during my sleep or behave abnormally

Unusual or undesired behavior during sleep (parasomnia) manifests itself in many ways, from talking during the sleep, waking up (anxiously) and sleepwalking to living your dreams and nightmares. This may seriously disturb your and your partner’s sleep. It may also result in unpleasant or dangerous situations.

Parasomnia may lead to bad sleep quality, such that complaints may occur during the day as well.

In addition to undesirable behavior during the sleep, nightly restlessness can also result in bad sleep quality. It often manifests itself in hard to control, repeated limb movement.

Sometimes, epilepsy causes nightly restlessness. For these cases the Center for Sleep Medicine works closely together with the Academic Center for Epileptology.

For a simple type of parasomnia or nightly restlessness, diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment by a general practitioner or a general hospital is in order. When the complaints are more serious, referral to Kempenhaeghe may be useful. The Center for Sleep Medicine offers a specialized care program.