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AED’s (= medication for epilepsy)

Most people with epilepsy take medication against epileptic seizures (AED’s). With most patients it is relatively easy to quickly find an AED to control the epilepsy without many side effects. But sometimes this is not possible. In these cases, Kempenhaeghe can possibly help.

If you (or your child) have tried two separate types of medication and you are not seizure-free within two years, a referral to specialized epilepsy care is in order. The same is the case when an AED helps against epileptic seizures, but had unacceptable side effects.

The neurologists of the Academic Center for Epileptology have extra know-how and experience with (combinations of) all available AED’s and their side effects. Based on the cause and nature of the epileptic seizures and taking into account possible other medications you or your child take because of other disorders, the neurologist will choose the most effective (combination of) medicine in the dosage that fits best.

If the medication is correctly set, we will refer you or your child back to the referring doctor. If, in the future, contact with Kempenhaeghe is once again required, you are of course always welcome.