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Young children with epilepsy

When a - young – child has had one or more epileptic seizures, the timely analysis of the nature and cause of the epilepsy is essential. In view of the child’s development it is important to assess the potential consequences of the epileptic seizures on, for instance, learning and behavior, as well as the chance of problems in these areas.

In Kempenhaeghe, clarifying the diagnosis is done by a (pediatric) neurologist who heads a team of other professionals. Each of these professionals looks at your child from his or her own specialization. In most cases the child is examined – possibly during a short hospitalization – according to a standard program. An EEG and neuropsychological tests are often part of the examination. As a parent or attendant, you may accompany your child during hospitalization. You are also allowed to attend most examinations.

The (pediatric)neurologist will inform you of the findings and treatment advice. With your permission, other care providers of your child (e.g. referring doctor) are also informed of the diagnosis, the impact of epilepsy on the child’s development, and the appropriate treatment and support. Next, we will refer you back to the initial referring doctor. If future contact with Kempenhaeghe is required, we will obviously welcome you back.