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Neuropsychological examinations in combination with EEG

The combination of EEG examinations with neuropsychological testing helps obtain a very accurate picture of the effect of the disorder on how your child functions. And the other way around it also helps determine whether some malfunctions are not caused by the disorder.

During the EEG registration your child will be asked to perform neuropsychological tests under the direction of a behavioral scientist. Simultaneously, video recordings are made.

Following this so-called EEG-PO the multidisciplinary team that is involved with your child will receive the findings of the examinations. The treating neurologist will discuss the outcome with you. In some cases, the neuro-psychologist or an educational specialist will be present.

Preceding the EEG-PO examination you will receive information about the course of the examination, the practical things you must reckon with and rights and obligations associated with the examination.