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Nervus Vagus Stimulation (NVS)

Nervus Vagus Stimulation (NVS) is a treatment method used to suppress epileptic seizures when patients do not respond well enough to medication and when epilepsy surgery is not possible. Both children and adults can be treated this way.

The nervus vagus is an important nerve in the neck, connecting the brains with other parts of the body. Stimulating this nerve can reduce epileptic seizures. In appr. 40% of the patients a reduction of the seizures takes place, Side effects are negligible.

During an operation, a small device (stimulator) is positioned directly under the skin or underneath the pectoral muscle. An electrode connects the stimulator with the nerve. The stimulator can be set remotely to generate a stimulus at certain times. Placing the stimulator may be done in an (academic) hospital. Setting the stimulator will take place in Kempenhaeghe.