How does the Narcolepsy Monitor work?

The app helps you to monitor your complaints fast and easily. It also helps you to gain a better insight that you may discuss with your physician.

  • In the app, you select the symptoms that cause inconvenience to you
  • For each symptom, you indicate how much trouble they cause
  • You report your symptoms in the app as often as you like, but al least once a week
  • If so desired, you may enter information on your medication and/or make other notes
  • The app processes information into a graphical diary that allows you to see at a glance how your complaints develop
  • You develop a better insight into your narcolepsy

The app intends to show how much trouble a certain symptom gives you. It does not focus on how often a symptom manifests itself in you. Therefore, a symptom that is often present, but is not experienced as an inconvenience, yields a low score.

An impression of the Narcolepsie Monitor App

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Most comprehensive Narcolepsy Symptom Screener / Assessment

Genny White Written on: 11-12-2019
Only narcolepsy-specific app I've ever found!

I love the format of moving the issues/symptoms specific to you up or down throughout the day based on how they're affecting you, gives a clear view of how my symptoms change that I've never had before!

collegeishardfornarcoleptics Written on: 09-03-2019

Contribute to scientific research

You may choose to make your data anonymously available to scientific research. Our researchers intend to gather data that yields more know-how on symptoms of narcolepsy. This know-how may result in further improvements in the treatment of narcolepsy.

When you use the app, you therefore also help others. Treating physicians and researchers thus learn more about the course and the dynamics of symptoms and the impact they might have.


Are you being treated at Kempenhaeghe?

Narcolepsy patients known at Kempenhaeghe can combine the app with additional medical information. Please contact your treating physician. After consulting your physician, you can download the ‘Narcolepsy Monitor Kempenhaeghe’.

Joint development of safe app

The Narcolepsy Monitor is developed by the Dutch Center for Sleep Medicine Kempenhaeghe, in cooperation with the University of Technology Eindhoven and Sleep-Wake Center SEIN. A scientific article on the development of this app was published, see

It goes without saying that the app meets all current requirements when it comes to privacy. Data that is entered cannot be traced back to individuals. The data is processed according to the Dutch privacy legislation (AVG). The Narcolepsy Monitor will not be used to establish a medical diagnosis or take medical decisions. The anonymous data will be used for scientific research on narcolepsy and to evaluate the app itself.

Questions or more information?

Are you interested in the Narcolepsy Monitor, but do you have remaining questions? Please contact the Center for Sleep Medicine at Kempenhaeghe.