Osteoporosis: Safety first
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To measure is to know

In 2009, the bone mineral density of over 200 residents of the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care was measured using the so-called DXA-measurement. This large-scale test showed that the bone mineral density of the majority of the residents that were tested, was too low. In nearly half of them, osteopenia (the preliminary stage of osteoporosis) was observed, in over a third, osteoporosis was diagnosed.

The guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy from the Dutch Society for Neurology (NvN) recommends, in part based on the above study, the screening of osteoporosis in patients with epilepsy, using certain AED’s, from the age of 50 and older. The study shows that younger patients are also at risk and the age limit of 50 is too high.

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Medication and therapy

Based on the study, many patients in Kempenhaeghe are treated with medication (bisphosphonates), vitamin D and calcium. Movement therapy is also done.