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How to refer

A medical specialist usually refers a patient to the Center for Sleep Medicine Kempenhaeghe. Family doctors may also refer patients.

Send the referral letter to:

Center for Sleep Medicine
Attn the secretariat
Post office box 61
5590 AB Heeze


Center for Sleep Medicine
Attn the secretariat
Post office box 250

We would appreciate it if you would include the following in the referral letter:

  • the complete personal details of the patient.
  • the reason to refer the patient
  • a description of his/her case history, possibly completed with the results of diagnostic examinations already performed

If you first want to consult a neurologist of the clinic sleep medicine about the referral of your patient, please contact us at
T +31 (0)40 227 90 22 (Kempenhaeghe Heeze), 
or T +31 (0)162 481 800 ( Kempenhaeghe, location Oosterhout).

Ask for the secretariat of the outpatients' clinic sleeping medicine. Outside office hours or in case of an emergency, please ask for the clinic' sleep medine neurologist in attendance.

After receipt of the referral letter the Academic Center for Epileptology will invite your patient for a first visit. After the first visit and the diagnostic examination Kempenhaeghe will inform you as referrer about the results and any required follow-up trajectory. As referrer the care for most of the patients at some point will be transferred back to you.

Largest multidisciplinary sleep centre

Kempenhaeghe's Center for Sleep Medicine is the largest multidisciplinary sleep centre in the Netherlands. The expertise in the area of diagnostics and treatment extends over the entire spectrum of sleep medicine, with in-house specialists of various disciplines, including:

  • Neurology
  • Pulmonary medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology

The Center for Sleep Medicine focuses on patients with complex sleep disorders. This may involve sleeping problems with multiple causes, a combination of sleep disorders or sleep disorders affecting a patient group that is difficult to treat, such as young children or mentally disabled people. A multidisciplinary patient approach is essential for the centre to continue to provide the best clinical care possible.

The services that Kempenhaeghe provides with regard to sleep-wake disorders are covered by basic health insurance.

Patient visits to the outpatient clinic in Heeze. In order to monitor sleep, it may be necessary to stay at the clinic for a period of time (usually one night).

 The field of sleep medicine is undergoing significant development. For this reason, in addition to patient care, Kempenhaeghe also focuses on scientific research, innovation and education.