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Sleep disorders

Many sleep disorders can be traced to incorrect expectations, experiences and behaviour. Sleep disorders are always subjective. For example, one person may think he/she sleeps well, while another person with a similar sleeping pattern may think that he/she has difficulty sleeping. Chronic sleep disorders involve symptoms occurring at least three times per week, coupled with symptoms such as tiredness, sleepiness during the day, concentration problems and irritability over a period of at least three months. In such cases, the sleep disorder can be so complicated that examination and/or treatment at a specialised centre for sleep-wake disorders may be necessary.

Types of sleep disorder

Kempenhaeghe's Center for Sleep Medicine treats patients with various sleep disorders or a combination of disorders, such as:

  • People who suffer from uncontrollable sleepiness during the day (hypersomnia, including narcolepsy and cataplexy).
  • People with movement disorders or unusual behaviour during sleep (parasomnia, including restless-legs syndrome, sleep walking, fear or panic attacks).
  • People who suffer from disturbed breathing during sleep (sleep apnoea, OSAS, CSAS).
  • People with long-term insomnia.

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