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Expertise centre for epileptology and sleep medicine

Kempenhaeghe is a leading centre of medical expertise, offering diagnosis and treatment to adults and children who suffer or are suspected to suffer from a complex form of epilepsy, a sleeping disorder and/or neurological learning disabilities.

Multidisciplinary approach

These conditions often require the expertise of several specialists to diagnose and treat, resulting in complex care needs. Medical specialists, behavioural scientists, social workers, educational specialists, paramedics and specialised nurses collaborate to develop a treatment plan that is customised to the needs of the patient in question. This multidisciplinary approach is essential to our effectiveness as a centre of expertise.

Kempenhaeghe runs both inpatient and outpatient epilepsy clinics in Heeze and Oosterhout for diagnostics, treatment and/or hospital admission, with ten outpatient clinics located in the south of the Netherlands. In addition to patient care, Kempenhaeghe focuses on scientific research, innovation and knowledge transfer. 


Kempenhaeghe collaborates intensively with other epilepsy centres, hospitals and academic centres both in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as with patients and professional associations. Recently, a shared academic centre of epileptology was set up together with Maastricht University Medical Centre (Maastricht UMC+).