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Specialized in epilepsy

If you have a complex form of epilepsy for which your doctor or specialist is unable to determine the cause and/or an appropriate therapy, specialists of the Kempenhaeghe epilepsy centre may be able to help you. Complex forms of epilepsy often require the knowledge of several specialists to make the diagnosis (the problem and its cause) and determine the therapy. Kempenhaeghe indeed has these specialists 'in house'. Kempenhaeghe is experienced in many diagnostic and treatment methods and in counselling epileptic children and adults.

More epilepsy clinics and outpatient clinics
Kempenhaeghe owns epilepsy (outpatient) clinics in Heeze and Oosterhout for diagnostics and treatment or hospital admission. Other outpatient clinics are located in Maastricht, Sittard, Enschede, Nijmegen, Goes, Terneuzen and Rotterdam. For addresses >>click here.

Furthermore, Kempenhaeghe offers residential facilities, education and day care facilities for epileptic children and adults with a mental retardation.
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