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AIOS neurology

For AIOS neurology, the Academic Center for Epileptology and the Center for Sleep Medicine offers attractive opportunities for in-depth learning of the specialist areas of epileptology and/or sleep medicine. There is a great deal of flexibility to create tailor-made internship programmes suited to the assistant's wishes and learning requirements.

The internship consists of inpatient and outpatient clinical activities. The patient population consists of children, adolescents, young adults, adults, senior citizens and people with and without physical and/or mental disabilities. Participation in activities in the inpatient and outpatient clinics provides many important learning experiences, as does participation in the various forms of consultation.

The internship at the  the Academic Center for Epileptology or the Center for Sleep Medicine is an optional module in the neurology programme and is recognised as such by the Medical Specialists Registration Committee (MSRC). At the Academic Center for Epileptology or and the Center for Sleep Medicine, residents work day shifts under the direct supervision of the neurology staff members. The internship lasts for a period of 5-6 months, based on 0.8 to 1 FTE.

In addition to the internship as an optional module within the neurology programme, a paid internship can also be conducted following completion of the neurology programme. For these internships, a salary based on AMS 0 is offered.

If you have any questions, then neurologist Dr H.J.M. Majoie can be contacted at +31 (0)40 227 92 63.